Here are a few things you have to know before booking your Tandem Skydive:

Besides our Rates, we'd like for you to know the following:
.You have to be at least eighteen years of age and bring a valid photo ID. Certain weight restrictions apply, we charge $1 per pound over 200lbs. The maximum you can weigh is 240 lbs but you have to be in good physical condition.

Tandem Skydive: $249 or Pre-Pay $229 video of your Skydive: $139 or Pre-Pay$$119

We are extremely busy during the weekends - if you pay in advance, we are saving time and money when you arrive and we are happy to pass the savings on to you. Additionally, you will receive PRIORITY Status over anyone that arrives at the same time without a 516-SKYDIVE Certificate. You are making a commitment to us, so we in turn will make a commitment to you.


Call us at 516 SKYDIVE (516-759-3483) to make your Reservation for the thrill of a life-time or purchase a Gift Card



How safe is Tandem Skydiving at Skydive Hamptons?

Skydive Hamptons has an impeccable safety record. We use only state of the art equipment. Our staff members are United States Parachute Association (USPA) certified, have many years of experience in the sport and are highly trained. (You may be in greater danger driving your car).

What does freefalling feel like?

Freefalling is not the 'roller coaster drop' feeling most people expect it would be. It is a comfortable sensation of floating or flying. When you jump out of an airplane, it doesn't feel like a 'Height' but rather an 'Altitude'. Even people who are afraid of heights enjoy Skydiving because you are so high above the earth, that you are very much detached from the ground, just like when flying in an airliner. If you are not afraid when you look out an airliner's window, you'll do OK on your Skydive as far as your 'fear of heights' is concerned..

What should I wear?

Dress with comfortable clothing such as shorts, T-shirts, sweaters, jeans, and sneakers, depending on the weather. The temperature at altitude is about 20 degrees cooler than on the ground. No sandals or flip-flops please. Glasses or contact lenses are OK, we will provide goggles that work for both.

How much in advance do I have to schedule a Skydive?

We recommend to schedule a tandem skydive a week in advance. Depending on how busy we are, it is possible to make an appointment a day or two prior to your jump. Sometimes

Why choose Skydive Hamptons to make your Tandem Skydive?

Skydive Hamptons specializes in Tandem Skydives. This is all we do. When you go to a doctor, would you choose a specialist or would you go to a 'Jack of all Trades'? Other providers also do intermediate training, sell parachute equipment, T-Shirts and sometimes even sandwiches. All we do is Tandem Skydives - you decide.
Additionally, why would you jump anywhere else in New York, when this amazing location is available for your first jump:

We are East Moriches, Long Island, New York. You will fly right over The Hamptons. The Views are simply amazing!

How about weather conditions?

Skydiving is a weather sensitive sport. We can only jump if conditions are acceptable, i.e. cloud clearance, no rain, tolerable winds. Be advised that weather can be different within a few miles distance. Please call if you are in question of the weather on your reservation date. We try to keep you informed about the weather if you call. Weather forecasts are not always correct.

You can check here: Weather

How old do I have to be to make a Tandem Skydive?

Unfortunately, you must be at least 18 years old to legally jump in the state of Florida. There are no exceptions, and we cannot take parental-signed consents. Be prepared to show I.D.

How long does the training take?

The training takes less than half an hour of preparation followed by boarding the aircraft with your instructors. The time it takes to jump also depends on the size of the group: we will give you a more accurate time frame when you call.

Are your Instructors members of the United States Parachute Association?

Yes, our Skydiving Instructors are members of the  United States Parachute Association. This is important because USPA Members have pledged that they will follow the Basic Safety Recommendations (BSRs) set forth by that organization. Tandem Instructors that will not commit to USPA's BSRs  are not necessarily unsafe but they are refusing to pledge that they will follow the BSRs and should be avoided.

Is there a weight limit to jump?

Our weight limit is 240 pounds which is the absolute maximum. Anybody over that limit will be refused. We also reserve the right to turn away people who have a very high weight to height ratio, (for example, 220 pounds with a height of 5'2''). We charge $1 extra per pound over 200 lbs, just because it's more work for our instructors to jump with someone of that weight compared to someone weighing 120lbs.

Can I bring along spectators?

Yes, by all means! We do have a wonderful landing and spectator area and we want you to share this wonderful experience with your friends and family.